Company profile

Jiangsu Dawha Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DAWHA) was established in April 2011 in Chenbao Town Industrial Park, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province. It had an investment of RMB40,000,000 in the first phase and is a leading scientific and technological enterprise integrating production, operation, scientific research, technology development and information service. The company is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of soft magnetic ferrite (magnetic electronic components). 

Upholding the enterprise spirit of "integrity, efficiency and innovation", DAWHA provides you with all-round services and sincerely looks forward to your support and patronage. 

Company mission: To become a leading supplier of magnetic cores through continuous innovation.

Development strategy: Close to customers and implement a professional and differentiated competitive strategy.

The company has successively introduced advanced complete sets of equipment for producing magnetic cores, including BF furnaces, continuous furnaces, fully automatic forming machines, continuous grinding machines, etc., with a total investment of 40 million yuan.

Development advantages

The technical team has many years of work experience in Japanese funded enterprises.

500Ton press: capable of forming oversized products with a maximum size of 250mm, a weight of 4000g, and a molding height of 76mm; One up three down mold frame structure: capable of mass production of complex products with three steps.

Fully automatic BF furnace: suitable for producing different special materials and oversized products.

High precision CNC engraving machine: It meets the needs of small-scale production and mold free sample development for products with complex structures that cannot be formed.

The Iwasaki B-H instrument and image measuring instrument meet the measurement of various characteristics and special dimensions

Quality advantage

Management mode: Introduce advanced management mode, implement documentation and visual management, strengthen the execution, and strictly follow the requirements of ISO9001:2015 system for manufacturing management. 

Equipment: Purchase the most advanced equipments in the industry and can provide highly repetitive manufacture procedure to ensure product consistency. 

Raw materials: Implement strict management of raw materials and conduct performance test of each batch of incoming materials to ensure the stability of raw materials. The strict management of raw materials guarantees excellent finished products. 

Service advantage

Delivery date of product: The flexible and prompt delivery services can be provided to the customer. 

Product development: Actively cooperate with key customers for Design-in and Spec-in and samples can be quickly provided. 

Response speed: Respond positively to the customers' feedback and solve customers' various problems arising from the use of products in a timely manner, which make the customers feel extremely convenient. 

Price advantage

Geographical location: It is located inland and can make full use of local resources. 

Automated production: Actively adopt automated equipments and promote flexible manpower line production to improve the production efficiency. 

Supply of raw materials: We can get raw materials at a relatively favorable price from the suppliers with whom we have cooperated for many years.

Staff team: Most of them are local employees, and the staff team is very stable due to the good salary system. Skillful workers offer higher quality products, reduce the accidents and lower the production costs. 

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